Friday, February 24, 2012

STEEL Reviews: Van Halen - A Different Kind Of Truth (2012)

Finally the wait is over!! Most of the songs are reworked old demo's or live songs that never made it on any albums but I really don't care. It's AMAZING! Well worth the wait. I never thought that VH would ever think about touring with Roth ever again let alone make a new album. A Different Kind Of Truth has every old school VH trick in the book and more! Eddie still has it. His playing is amazing on this. Dave is serviceable at best and while that's par for the course, it's still better than any Van Hagar era record. I'm going to go on record and say that this could possibly be their best album since Fair Warning. I know, bold statement but take a listen and you'll see I'm right. This album kicks some major ass and to all the doubters out there, VH is back and better than ever!

Tattoo - This song is getting slammed by Van Halen fans. What you fail to realize is that possibly the video is contributing to why you think this song sucks. The video is not that good and the stupid tricks the producer tried to use like making some of the video backwards just makes them look stupid. Don't fool yourself, If you were to hear this song for the first time without the video to go along with it, you would have loved it from the beginning. It is catchy, simple and grows on you. It is one of the weaker songs on the album I would agree but it is still cool.

She's The Woman - Awesome groove, upbeat and classic. I have always loved the demo version of this song and this new version is better. The lyrics alone are way better although I do miss Michael Anthony's background vocals which made the original. I also do miss the breakdown before the solo that eventually was used in Mean Street but the new breakdown is killer as well. Love the bass line in this song. Is that actually Wolfgang playing? Who cares...phenomenal!

You And Your Blues - "Your bad moods permanent, communication breakdown..." Awesome song and probably one of the best on an album full of awesomeness (is that a word? lol). This song has that Dave swagger oozing out of it and the pre-chorus "Ahhh Ahhhh Ahhhhs" are so old school VH it will make your head spin. This should have been the first single in my opinion. Breakdown prior to the guitar solo is just money!

China Town - I have to admit on this album it's not my favorite right now but I do admire the effort. Heavy and Eddie plays like fire on this song. The solo is amazing. I'm sure I'll eventually love the hell out of it.

Blood And Fire - In my humble opinion...The best song on the album. I get the chills when I listen to it. Songs been in the tank for them since the early 80's and It ranks right up there with all their classics. This should be the next single. Should have been on any old school Roth era album. It's melodic and has the legs to be a huge hit! Guitar solo rules in this song! Not sure why they never did anything with this back in the day but I'm glad they included it on this album!

Bullethead - Very cool! Straight forward, hard rocking "lets have some fun and kick ass" tune with that big Van Halen sound.

As Is - Thick, heavy, meaty sound at the beginning that kicks into a cool, pound your face over and over again groove. Pre-chorus is awesome. Guitar change after the second chorus dominates. Completely old school and of course the solo smokes!

Honeybabysweetiedoll - Huge, heavy guitar riffs which are amazing. Roth's charisma really explodes on this one. When the song is done, you're left wanting more. Love this tune!

The Trouble With Never - Eddie playing a cool funk groove here, catchy chorus and one of the coolest lines on the album..."When was the last time you did something for the first time?" This song could easily be released as a single and would do well.

Outta Space - All aboard the VH rocket ship!!!!!!!!! They step on the gas pedal at the beginning of this song and never let up. It will rock your face right off your face! Alex delivers a great driving beat on this. Another song that I wonder why they never included it on any album.

Stay Frosty - Sequel to "Ice Cream Man"? The song starts off acoustic and then kicks in, much in the same way. If that is what they were going for it's a good attempt but just not the same. That aside, it is still a cool bluesy tune.

Big River - I can't get enough of this riff, it's killer. Very upbeat and rocking. Catchy as hell and could be another hit from this album, (this seems to be a recurring theme). The part after the chorus before the solo is a raunchy riff change and again, another unbelievable solo.

Beats Workin' - Last song on the album but definitely not the least. Love this tune! I wish I was a rock star because it would sure beat Cool chorus and a fantastic ending to a fantastic album.

To sum up, the best part about this album is that when it's over the whole album starts again (because I own it on cd). This hasn't left my side since I bought it on the day it was released. To say I love the album is a gross understatement. It could possibly be the album of the year...well that is until the new KISS album MONSTER comes out, lol. Do yourself a favor and go get this, you will not be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I love this CD it is vintage VH and I would compare it to the CD Fair Warning. I also agree that tattoo is a good song but I don't understand why they picked that for their single, I would have went with "Shes the woman", but your correct the video has skewed the song.
    It will be interesting to see if ADKOT will be in the grammy mix, I personally think its the best Rock Album so far this year but it is early.